Yours truly is quoted extensively in this story about RFID applications and adoption in hospitals. Freelancer Elizabeth Roop puts me in good company, along with John Pantano of Radianse and Gregg Malkary of Spyglass Consulting.

“Given the inherently mobile nature of healthcare,
RFID offers potential benefits that can impact quality of care, outcomes,
and healthcare delivery costs. Many activities that occur in healthcare
require the coming together of a very specific group of workers and
assets in order to run a diagnostic test or deliver therapy” such
as cardiac catherization, interventional radiology, and gastroenterology
studies, says Tim Gee, principal of Medical Connectivity Consulting.
“Complex logistics are required to pull these events together,
deliver safe and efficacious care, capture charges, and document everything.
So tracking equipment, personnel, and patients throughout the care delivery
process can greatly impact both clinical and financial outcomes.”

The story provides a pretty good overview of the technology and discusses some sample applications.