There's this crazy expectation that consultants know what's really going on, and many of us work hard to live up to meet that expectation. Besides talking with a lot of folks on the phone and at conferences, I track many web sites and news sources. Over the past few years, I've tried a number of different tools for keeping up with the fire hose information flow - various newsreaders, web aggregators, etc. One of my favorites is Netvibes (my current browser home page), and a recent addition, Google Reader.

One of Google Reader's neatest features is the ability to share items from your information flow with others. Here's a link to my shared flow. I'm calling this Tim's Link Blog, and I will be adding it to the blog roll in the right hand column. (While there are no Google ads there now, I expect Google to use this Reader feature as an advertising vehicle eventually - and no, none of the ad revenue will come to me.)

Items in the Link Blog will include things of interest that don't make it into an actual blog post. The topics are wider in scope than the things I write about (I really do try to stay on topic) and all relate to health care, technology, marketing and communications.

Feel free to share your information gathering tools via the comments. And if you have any suggested information sources (especially if they have RSS feeds) let us know.  Enjoy!