Well, my flight was late. By the time we checked in it wasn't worth going over to McCormick. We flew on Southwest, and other than being late - some kind of mechanical failure - the flight in to Midway was great.

There was time to make the McKesson social event at the Shedd Aquarium. That was when it started, you know, when you start seeing people that could swear that you know, but you only have this vague feeling of recognition - no name, no place, nothing.

The event was great: a great location, really good food (especially for "hot hors dourves"), live music and open bars. The McKesson folks were friendly and gracious hosts. As a marketing event, these things are a waste of money, but we did have a great time. And we saw a slew of other shuttle buses with different vendor names on them tooling around as we headed home.

Pictured right is the McKesson event - it was so exclusive that they said I could only show the exterior of the building. You know I'm kidding, right?