Tatung has announced the entry of another Windows Mobile-based cell phone in a UMPC form factor - the first was the HTC Athena. Like most cell phone-based devices, the Tatung and HTC Athena should offer much better battery life than a PDA or Windows-based device.

Unfortunately the Tatung doesn't appear to have a keyboard (a nice-to-have feature with a big screen). While the HTC Athena has a key board, in looking at these photos, it would be very awkward - if not impossible to use - in a handheld fashion.

Neither device is a true Ultra Mobile Personal Computer like the OQO, or the bevy of Windows Vista-based UMPCs that are anticipated at CES next month. The lack of Windows renders these devices no easier to write code for than a PDA. Speaking of CES and OQO, it will be interest to see they have anything new to announce at CES.

Pictured right is the Tatung "UMPC".