The new OQO was rolled out at CES yesterday. Called the Model 02, the unit has the impressive specs but two things stood out for me: 6 hour battery life and wireless broadband. The estimated battery life is based on the optional double capacity lithium-ion polymer battery. Integrated EV-DO provides the wireless broadband - Sprint is the only carrier now, with more in the works.

  • The model 02 features a 1.2GHz or a 1.5GHz VIA C7M ULV processor and
    integrated graphics chipset that along with OQO's subprocessor
    technology provides a palm-sized motherboard.
  • The sliding 5" WVGA LCD reveals an EL backlit 58-key thumb keyboard and track stick.
  • There are 9 antennas engineered into the magnesium alloy chassis of the model 02 that support EV-DO WWAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth radios.
  • A 60GB hard drive and 1GB of DDR2 SDRAM at a speed of 533 MHz rounds out the basic specs.

Drop a Vocera or Cisco VoIP client on to this device, and you've got yourself a real contender for a point of care device. Fully tricked out, the new OQO will run you $1,849 - still less than one of these.

Pictured right is the 02 captured in the wild at CES by Gizmodo.