Philips got two for one when they announced last summer the acquisition of Intermagetics General Corporation. A spin-off from GE in 1971, Philips bought IGC for the technology around their MR magnets and Radio Frequency (RF) coils that power MRI systems and specialized MRI compatible patient monitors (the Invivo part). As an aside, Invivo was not in the Philips booth at the recent RSNA - I took a couple shots of their monitor with a built in WiFi radio here.

Invivo makes more than just patient monitors for MRI suites. In the past they've targeted the low end of the market with patient monitors and central stations, selling to price sensitive markets like rural and small community hospitals - and people are still buying them.

The acquisition raises some interesting questions about why companies are acquired and what happens to them and their products afterwards. This acquisition was clearly for the MRI technology possessed by IGC. What will happen to Invivo will be interesting to see - Philips doesn't have a monitor for MRI suites, so they could use the Invivo device. But given the rough and tumble politics and natural selection that occurs in bid device companies, I would not be surprised to see Invivo thrown under the bus; perhaps the Invivo technology will make its way to a Philips patient monitor that targets MRI applications.

UPDATE: An Invivo customer recently received a letter stating the following:

"... we are providing advance notice that several of the Invivo products will be phased out due to extensive overlap with the Intellivue and SureSigns families of patient monitors..."

Essentially if the model is Escort (M8, M10, Prism SE), Vision Central, Angel Telemetry, Escort Telepak the last chance to order is 02/28/2007 and the end of support date is 12/31/2010.