Day: March 20, 2007

PanGo Merges with InnerWireless

The RFID market in health care has been going through some significant changes, many of which were evident at HIMSS 2007. The latest evidence of evolving business models is the merger announced today between InnerWireless and PanGo (press release). While styled as a merger, PanGo will be absorbed by InnerWireless with only half of PanGo's 30 employees remaining in their Massachusetts engineering facility. PanGo co-founder Micheal Campbell will serve as InnerWireless' Senior VP for location services, and is the only PanGo exec mentioned as staying with the combined firm. PanGo's investors got just one seat on InnerWireless' 8 member board of directors. Ed Cantwell remains InnerWireless president, CEO and...

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Wireless Patient Monitor Design Concept

I saw the following design concept on Gizmodo today. Intended for use by first responders, the product is made up of (starting upper left and going clockwise) the Paramedic's pad, capsule, electronic band-aid, and personal tag. This page describes each component in detail. Remember, this is a design concept, not the blueprint for an actual product. The designer, Saravanan Nagasundaram, based his design on research done by Philips and Siemens on molecular diagnostics and miniaturization. Technology used include, "Capillary electro-phoresis (where liquids are decomposed into their component parts in electric field),bio chips, molecular diagnostics, which will do the analysis and the data transferred using wireless-lan, blue tooth and infra-red signals." Petty...

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Free EMR Suppored by Google Ads

I can't tell you how many visitors have come to my site based on a few posts I wrote about the VA putting Vista Office into the public domain - gobs of them. Early this afternoon I noteced Google search terms like "Google EMR business model" in my server logs. It wasn't long before I came across this (from FierceHealthIT): An emerging San Francisco-based vendor has struck a deal with search giant Google to distribute Google text ads within its EMR, a step which may mark the first time that an EMR vendor has financed its offering this way. The Google ads will be generated based on keywords drawn from patient clinical data. Because it's agreed to let the ads into its Web-based EMR, vendor Practice Fusion will be able to offer the EMR to physicians for free. It had previously sold its software-as-a-service product on a subscription basis. The new EMR should be fully rolled out within four months. Vendor Practice Fusion has shifted their business model from a paid subscription to an ad based model. There has apparently been some hand wringing about privacy - Google software looks at the web page to decide which ads to put up - you can be sure that's the first thing the vendor nailed down in contemplating this move. Since this is all in software over the Internet, physician users...

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