Kinetic Concepts announced that the Food and Drug Administration approved a broad range of uses
for two of the company's wound care therapy systems. The vacuum assisted closure device (V.A.C.) delivers Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) through multiple mechanisms of action to help promote wound healing. From Forbes:

The wound therapy
systems, the ActiV.A.C. and the InfoV.A.C., are cleared for use in home
and acute care settings. The InfoV.A.C. provides a digital wound
imaging feature allowing caregivers to monitor wound healing progress.

new ActiV.A.C. system documents a patient's therapy history, with
reports electronically stored and downloadable to a computer.

InfoV.A.C. is intended primarily for use in an acute-care setting while ActiV.A.C. is aimed at the home care setting.

The company said it will launch the products globally this summer. The new models also include connectivity, documenting therapy delivered and the healing process (press release). Emphasis below not in original.

The InfoV.A.C. Therapy System is over 50% lighter and smaller than
its predecessor system and provides a new digital wound imaging
that allows caregivers to monitor and document wound healing
progress. Digital images can be reviewed on-screen or transferred
to help document patient progress, allowing for the
convenient sharing of wound information among caregivers and payers
who require evidence of wound healing.

The new ActiV.A.C. Therapy System will be used predominantly in
the homecare setting and addresses demand for a simpler, lighter, and
lower profile design that will enhance patient comfort and mobility.
The ActiV.A.C. Therapy System features newly developed technology that
automatically documents the patient's therapy history and treatment
times. Reports are electronically stored in the system and can be
reviewed on-screen or downloaded to a computer.

You just know the market is entering a phase of pervasive connectivity when less sophisticated instruments like wound suction devices begin to sport connectivity. Pictured right is the V.A.C. family of products.