Siemens Communications and Ekahau announce a strategic relationship, "By adding Ekahau's RTLS and site survey solutions to its HiPath
Wireless portfolio, Siemens enables companies to benefit not only from
user mobility but also from the cost-effective integration of asset and
people tracking in their business processes." Siemens HiPath Wireless is their rebranded Chantry Networks acquisition.

The Ekahau Positioning Engine (EPE) - now being resold by Siemens -
uses active RFID tags to track key assets and people across the WLAN.
The EPE can track the real-time location of more than 10,000 objects on
a single server.

Siemens has also integrated the Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) tool with
HiPath Wireless Manager HiGuard to create a full WLAN planning toolset.
An enterprise's site survey planning results can be directly imported
from the ESS into HiGuard. As a result, network designers can reduce
the number of site surveys from three to one, lowering both time and
cost requirements. (Previously, separate site surveys were required for
deploying WLAN APs, wireless IPS sensors and RFID tags.)