Jeff Robbins, CEO of LiveData, talks about his company's participation in the MD PnP program and hopes for a medical device interoperability standard. I caught up with Jeff at AAMI, after his presentation in the ACCE Clinical Engineering Symposium, Saturday morning.

Jeff will also be participating in the joint workshop organized by the MD PnP program and HCMDSS titled, "Improving Patient Safety through Medical Device Interoperability and High Confidence Software," being held next week from June 25 to 27 in Cambridge, MA. You can see a description here, and a draft program here. I have the privilege of presenting some commentary at the conference titled, "View from the Blogosphere."

NOTE: Now I know why more people don't put video clips in their blogs! Fortunately, the end result of an exceedingly frustrating process (like many technical endeavors) is a reasonably straight forward process. The bottom line is that it is not as easy as it seems to produce a video clip that looks and sounds good. The biggest challenge lies in the software applications and codecs used to record, edit, and encode the clips for streaming on the web.

For those interested, I'm using a Flip Video camera, Apple QuickTime Pro (to convert the video to a format suitable for YouTube), and YouTube. I'm still experimenting with a couple other video clip sites like eyespot, Vimeo and MotionBox. While the Flip Video camera is easy to use - it comes with its own built in USB connector and software that runs off the camera - the software for encoding clips for video sites like YouTube produced garbled audio, hence the use of QuickTime Pro.