Vince Kuraitus and I have a blog post up at the Center for Connected Health, a division of Partners HealthCare. Titled, What Will Microsoft's HealthVault Mean to the Telehealth Community?, the post explores the role Health Vault's Connection Center software may play in the commoditization of remote monitoring solutions.

Today, telehealth applications are based on point to point relationships:  home health agency to patient; disease management company to patient; health system to patient.

Telehealth devices and their connectivity are similar. There is a proprietary chain of key components for a remote  patient monitoring (RPM) solution:  1) the RPM device; 2) a gateway -- which could be mobile like the Biotronik Cardio Messenger or static like a personal computer -- to aggregate data from multiple devices and move data to a server-based application; and 3) the server application that stores and manages the data in accordance with the application, e.g., glycemic control, medication compliance, etc.