Baxter's Colleague CX pump received its 510k about 2 months ago for adding wireless connectivity and monitoring. Using their Patient Care System with the pump, Baxter provides local formulary in the pump (with wireless update), patient context in the pump, pump settings automatically pushed to the pump, and PDA-based alarm management.

Here is a use scenario: the caregiver uses a PDA-based barcode scanner to scan the patient, the bag and the pump.  Baxter's server then pushes the patient context (name and ID) into the pump along with pump settings for that order.  Integration with clinical systems provides patient demographics, orders, and nurse-to-patient assignments.  The nurse uses a PDA to view pump status on their patients.  The PDA also provides primary alarm notification.  There are also client apps for the nursing station and pharmacy with role based access patient views.

Baxter takes a caregiver-centric approach to their system.  Pump settings, status and alarms are availaible in the palm of their hand via a PDA.  The user interface is a very reasonable one for a PDA -- always a challenge.   Each caregiver is presented with a list of their patients. They can also pull up a list of all the patients in their unit.  Baxter software also provides for nurse-to-patient assigments by the nurse manager or caregiver if your current CIS does not support this function.

Their WLAN link is 802.11 b/g, using an off the shelf card.