Thanks to Patrick Lynch, from Northside Hospital, Atlanda, for this report from the show:

It was the best AAMI I've been to in a while.  Being an older biomed, all of the equipment vendors were getting stale - same ole, same ole.  But this year there was lots of new tension.  IT, indoor positioning, who are we gonna work for next year, consultants galore, and a huge presence by all the big employers - GE, Philips, Siemens, Aramark.   GE was even giving away a t-shirt that said "Biomeds Rule."  One company even had a purple Corvette to push their purple blood pressure cuffs.  The giveaways seemed better this year.  My personal favorite was a calculator (from MedEquip) which, when the button was pressed, opened up in a lengthy dual-retracting process I can only liken to a Transformer.  The most puzzling giveaway was from Aramark - it was a nice metal tin, with a level inside.  Exactly what I need a level for, I;m a little lost, but it was a nice gesture.  Zoll was doing CPR on a stuffed bear.
Overall, I think there is a lot of uncertainty inthe field,and lots og BMETs wilbe going to computer and networking classes in the next year, if only as a defensive measure.

Great update Patrick, thanks. Anyone else out there with a report from the field? How about you vendors?