Fibertech Networks, a metropolitan-area network vendor operating in mid-size U.S. cities, announced it has signed nine new contracts in the first half of this
year with major healthcare providers.

Fibertech's footprint (i.e., the geographic area served by Fibertech) includes Hartford, Bridgeport, Stamford and New Haven,
Connecticut; Providence, Rhode Island; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;
Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton, White Plains and Albany, New
York; Indianapolis, Indiana; Wilmington, Delaware; Concord, H.H.;
Columbus, Ohio; and Worcester and Springfield, Massachusetts.

Health care clients include Greenwich Hospital, Connecticut, Community Health of Indianapolis, Baystate Medical of Springfield,
Massachusetts, and Catholic Health of Buffalo.

Besides the obvious enterprise applications, hospitals are using
private fiber networks for things like centralized monitoring
surveillance for hospital-wide patient monitoring deployed in multiple

If you're in one of the mid market cities above, Fibertech Networks even has a cool mapping tool that will overlay your facilities on a map of their network.