Drivers and Barriers in Medical Connectivity

I’ve been wrapping up a pretty big project and so posting has been light this week. I do have some things that caught my eye this week that I will post later this weekend. Earlier this week I was asked:

  • what connectivity capabilies are being built into medical devices now,
  • what factors are driving these changes, and
  • what barriers in your area(s), what are they?

The biggest trends driving what I call medical connectivity are EMR integration, workflow automation and alarm notification.

The basic capabilities required to meet the above include:

  • the ability to establish patient context, acquire and transmit data from the medical device
  • a server to capture, store, queue and transmit data (optionally, an HL7 interface for EMR integration, and logic to analyze data)
  • client applications (usually served up by the server) to enter, review and edit patient data.
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