Baptist Memorial Health Care signed a $6 million deal with Johnson
to install a wireless broad band distribution infrastructure
in 6 of their hospitals over the next 12 months (press release).

The wireless distribution
system will provide wireless coverage throughout Baptist’s six
locations by means of a single broadband infrastructure. The system,
which will be installed in the next 12 months, will support the
delivery of voice and data systems—such as personal communications
systems and cellular carriers, local area networks, two-way radios,
digital paging systems, handheld clinical devices and medical
telemetry—throughout each location. Also, the wireless system will
eliminate the need for separate, multiple wireless networks and can
easily support changes or the addition of future applications.

Wow, the questions... like, who is Johnson Controls, what's Johnson
Controls doing installing wireless networks, and boy, doesn't
this sound a lot like InnerWireless' distributed antenna system? For
you clinical or IT folks, Johnson Controls provides building automation
systems that control things like heating, ventilation and air
conditioning (HVAC), and fire alarm systems. I'd tell you more, but
their web site is a classic example of "corporate speak" that's short
on details. Their site does mention that Johnson Controls is installed
in 40% of US hospitals. A Google search did turn up a couple of interesting bits. Here's a news brief (scroll down) from June of 2004:

InnerWireless, Inc. ( formed a strategic alliance with Johnson Controls, Inc. (
to offer an in-building wireless distribution system. This system
provides complete wireless coverage for a full range of voice and data
services. Called the InnerMobile wireless distribution system, it is
installed once. According to the companies, it can then be modified and
expanded without intrusive, costly infrastructure changes. Johnson
Controls and InnerWireless signed a joint development agreement for
initiatives related to the InnerMobile system. Additionally, Johnson
Controls became an equity investor in InnerWireless.

Google also turned up this Johnson Controls web page on Wireless Solutions.
The Wireless Solutions page does not seem to be accessible from their
web own web site (nor the site map). The page layout is different on
this mystery page (much nicer I think) and I'm wondering if it's part
of a new site design that's not been rolled out yet.

A peek at InnerWireless press release archive
shows Johnson Controls as lead investor in InnerWireless' Series B
round (to the tune of $12 million), sold their first wireless
infrastructure deal 6 months after striking their alliance (Mountain
States Health Alliance), with Johnson Controls getting a board seat a
month after that. (Sorry, no links are provided to the actual press
releases; you'll have to look them up yourselves.)

I feel so behind the curve...

UPDATE:  I found a link to the Wireless Solutions page on the Controls Press Room page.