Day: October 6, 2005

Wireless Carriers Not Interested in Wireless Data

This story caught my eye. It seems that nobody cares about mobile data, and that includes carriers. When I was at AT&T Wireless (AWS), I was certainly skeptical of many of the hair brained wireless data services for consumers -- who really wants to watch TV on their cell phone or receive location aware ads on your phone from the pizza place you're driving by? Wireless data for business was pretty limited: email is obvious, field service dispatch ditto, there's vending machine telemetry ("service me, I'm empty"), and then there's health care. AWS had a whole division dedicated to wireless data, most of which lost money and was supported by the cash cows ring tones and wallpapers. Both Cingular and Sprint have health care bus dev types who will work with vendors to establish services. It seems Sprint's gotten the most traction in health care, at least some by leveraging QualComm's QConnect provisioning system for medical vendors (carriers are notorious for spotty provisioning...

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The Ultimate Medical Device Battery Charger?

Care to guess what a medical device vendor spends developing a batter charger for their wireless device? How does $200,000 to $400,000 grab you? No wonder there are so many crappy batter chargers on the market, and why so many vendors would rather just let you fill up landfills with all those alkaline and NiCd batteries you burn through. Here is a nice elegant solution. [Hat tip:...

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Real-Time Systems Integration in the Hospital

LiveData is an interesting company who's cut their teeth in manufacturing and power generation, transmission and generation markets. As a participant in CIMIT's Operating Room of the Future, LiveData has taken a step into health care. Providing what they call, "Smart Integration," LiveData provides the following capabilities: Establish real-time, bi-directional data flows between any intelligent device, application and IT system Monitor and respond in real-time to rapidly changing, complex combinations of operational and IT conditions Visualize the current state of complex situations, through highly graphic, continuously updated, web-based dashboards Synthesize all of the information relevant to a given situation, bridging the gap between real-time operations and IT Archive real-time data with precise time synchronization, so that any operation or occurrence can be recreated and analyzed at any time Easily understand and change rules for data flow, analysis and response. They accomplish the above with the following product line: RTI (I'm guessing "real time integration") Server that collects, transforms, and delivers real-time data flows, from tens, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of points, to diverse systems and applications, to synthesize all of the relevant data for complex operations and enable rapid response. LiveData Dashboard presents mission-critical data -- via a highly visual, graphic user interface --to anyone authorized to view or manage an ongoing operation or process, who needs to know what is happening now. LiveData Protocol Server captures, models...

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