Montefiore is extending use of Cardiocom's remote patient monitoring and disease management system with a grant from the New York State Health Department.

technology consists of the vendor's Commander device that collects data
from several peripheral monitoring devices, including a scale and blood
pressure monitor. The Commander hooks up to a patient's phone line and
then transmits data to a server at the home health organization.
Software on the server then analyzes the data and sends alerts to
nurses when a patient's information is out of a normal range.

The system is currently used with 30-40 congestive heart failure (CHF) home health patients. Montefiore plans to extend the program to more CHF patients, and also use it for diabetes patients. Research has shown that Cardiocom has reduced admissions for patients with chronic diseases by 48 to 80 percent. A study conducted at Covenant Health System, Michigan, looked at heart failure telemanagement.

The study group experienced
68% less hospital admissions, along with 3.7% less admissions within
31 days. The length of stay in the Study group was slightly less
(-7%), yet the direct costs were considerably less (-30%).

Inpatient admissions per patient per year (PPPY) fell from 1.17 to 0.38, a 68 percent reduction. Surprisingly, ICU utilization only saw a 0.9 percent reduction.