HemoSense and ZyCare have signed a marketing and distribution agreement to integrate the HemoSense INRatio portable Prothrombin Time/INR testing monitor, and ZyCare's CoagCare remote INR test reporting and dosage
management system for patients on oral anticoagulant therapy.

CoagCare enables healthcare professionals to safely and
cost-effectively monitor patients who use INRatio remotely at home.
After performing a PT/INR test with INRatio, patients use a standard
Internet browser to input INR test results into the CoagCare system.
CoagCare then provides automated, patient specific warfarin dosage
adjustments based on physician-prescribed algorithms. Test results are
immediately available to healthcare providers, and patients who report
out-of-range INR values or hemorrhagic or thromboembolic symptoms are
prioritized for physician review.

This is not exactly high tech from a connectivity perspective, but an important new solution for patients on life-long anticoagulant therapy.

[Hat tip: MDSI DailE-News]