David Clark at HIMSS was kind enough to respond to my query about costs for the HIT Dashboard with a log on and password for a beta version of the site. It seems that they're repackaging the site as a service. I've logged in and poked around. There is a surprising breadth of projects collected in this map oriented database. They claim to track over 500 projects. That seems a bit high; I counted just over 150 projects in the Far Northeast, Northeast and Mid-East Coast areas, the region with the highest density of projects.

Relatively few projects are RHIOs. Most of the projects listed seem to be driving EMR adoption, especially among physicians. I also noted a number of projects to improve patient safety and outcomes. The dashboard tracks the following categories of projects: AHRQ HIT grants, DOQ-IT, MHS, RHIOs, Health Information Exchanges, Bridges to Excellence and private HIT projects. There's a link to each of these categories but at this time, they all go to the same AHRQ HIT grant explanation.

The success of subscriptions to this service will be heavily influenced by the price. The big consulting firms will pay top dollar, but beyond them I can't see how ready access to this info will impact a buyer's costs, revenues or ability to win grants.