PanGo continues to execute a strategy of business development and integration with solution providers. (See previous post RFID is not a product.)

First, PanGo has teamed up with the ubiquitous Emergin to enable nurse call systems to send location data to nurses' mobile devices. Emergin, who already supports other RFID vendor's software, has integrated with PanGo's indoor positioning software.

Nurses are highly mobile, given today's nurse shortage and resulting high nurse to patient ratios. The trend towards private rooms in hospitals has increased nurses mobility and increased the need to improve in-room alarm notification.

Next in the news is PanGo's integration with HIT vendor Eclipsys. This is a straight ahead asset tracking application, first installed at early adopter site El Camino Hospital. Most RFID systems being adopted (piloted, really) by hospitals are part of specialized workflow and patient tracking applications like, infant security, OR and ED departmental management systems, and hospital wide patient flow software. But even a straightforward application like asset tracking needs a user interface, and some integration with other hospital apps and databases.