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Day: February 11, 2006

Wireless Fetal Monitoring Introduced

One last quickie before HIMSS. GE has signed an exclusive deal with MP4 Solutions. MP4 will integrate their AirStrip OB wireless remote fetal monitor surveillance product with GE’s Centricity Perinatal Solution (the QS system they got from Marquette, who got it from Corometrics, after they acquired QMI in Annapolis). Obstetricians will be able to view near real time fetal monitor waveforms over a variety of wireless connections on smart phones and PDAs. By interfacing exclusively with GE’s Centricity Perinatal system, AirStrip OB provides obstetricians with the ability to retrieve current  and historical patient data, including exams, vital signs, and patient census lists. This software displays the current waveform data coming  from Centricity Perinatal as it would be seen on a monitor in labor & delivery units.Developed using Microsoft’s “.NET” framework, AirStrip OB incorporates Smart Client Technology on Smart Phone/PDA devices running Microsoft Window Mobile 2003 and higher. Airstrip OB is designed to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and utilizes some of the strictest internet/wireless security measures available today. This remote connectivity should be an important differentiator for GE in labor and delivery, at least until a competitor offers a similar feature. Unlike some other “secondary” systems, MP4 has put a 510(k) on their product. On the AireStip web site (which does not support Firefox), I noted the following text prominently displayed: Airstrip OB is...

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Hoana Receives 510(k) for Patient Safety System

Hoana's got a 520(k) and a fancy product name to go with it: the LG1 Intelligent Medical Vigilance System (trademarked, of course). (Press release) The LG1(TM) system is a patient safety technology that tracks heart rate, breath rate and whether the patient is in bed or trying to exit the bed. The technology uses highly-advanced digital signal processing (DSP) software algorithms. As a technology platform, this can ultimately be implemented in a number of applications in healthcare, not only in the acute-care setting, but elsewhere. Hoana is targeting med-surg units in hospitals for initial sales. The target market opportunity is 8,000 hospitals with a total of about 1 million med-surg beds. Their technology provides the ability to monitor patients without any wires or sensors placed on the patient, and through more pervasive monitoring (Hoana would like you to equip all your beds with their product) avoid most “failure to rescue” situations. Dr. Patrick Sullivan, CEO of Hoana Medical, states, “Under a controlled research study in a commercial hospital, clinical testing demonstrated LG1's ability to alert a nurse that a patient was crashing at 3:00am, which may have gone unnoticed until the morning shift. It may have helped save the patient's life.” Hoana was founded in 2001 as a spin-off of Oceanit Laboratories, a Hawaii-based engineering, science, and research company. Hoana's PSA(TM) technology was developed for the US military as...

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