This website is intended to be a conversation - between me and all of you (and amongst yourselves, too. What I put here is not "published" or set in stone, it's not a newsletter, it's a blog. You might read something here that you won't find elsewhere (not for lack of trying - you should see some of the search engine queries that bring people to this site). Something might be funny or another one of my harebrained opinions, or just incoherent ramblings - like right now. Sadly, I possess incomplete knowledge and, on rare occasions, make mistakes. That's when it's your turn.

When I'm misinformed, incompletely informed or just plain wrong, correct me, enlighten all of us. And do it right now, don't wait to make a call or set up a meeting at an upcoming show (unless you're really pissed, then take your time). Click the comments link at the end of the post, or rip off a quick email, or pick up the phone.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Over the past several months, comments, emails and phone calls have increased. We've learned some good things, things that enrich us, our industry, and the patients that we ultimately serve. Thank you.

It bothers me toI learn that I've gotten something wrong in a blog post, I squirm inwardly and feel like I've let you all down. The longer you wait to tell me, the worse I feel. Let's just get it over with, make it quick - that way we all win.