Philips has announced the commercial launch of their remote monitoring system Motiva for the U.S. market (press release). The system is designed around the patient's home television, abut also requires a broadband connection and set to box.

Motiva supports daily vital signs monitoring for high-acuity
patients using wireless devices installed in the home. The current
product includes Bluetooth-enabled weight measurement, while future
Motiva releases are expected to incorporate blood pressure and glucose

For every patient, Motiva monitors ongoing health status, usage
patterns and regularly queries patients about changes in their
knowledge, motivation and confidence levels — insights nurses can use
to adapt care plans and gauge impact on long-term behavior.

The requirement for a broadband connection will limit deployment to urban and suburban areas, and the set top box suggests an expensive installation. No mention was made about Philips distribution strategy.

Like weight loss and addiction treatment programs, there is probably
not one "best" approach to chronic disease management. In a comment to a past post,
David Williams noted that many of the chronically ill don't want to be
continuously reminded about their illness - making daily interaction
with your own reality TV show about your chronic disease less then
compelling. I would also expect this approach to be well accepted by
some patients; time will tell who they are and proportion of the
patient population they represent.

Pictured right is the Bluetooth enabled non-invasive blood pressure recorder.