According to Health Data Management, Sensatex is looking for beta testers for its SmartShirt System.
Sensatex is using technology developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology to weave tiny conductive fibers into the cotton
fabric of a shirt to enable monitoring of physiological activity. Funded by DARPA for the 21st Century Land Warrior Program, the technology allows sensing, monitoring, and information processing devices to be networked together within a fabric.

conductive fiber collects data on a wearer's movement, heart rate and
respiration rate in real time. The shirt, minus the snap-on device, is
washable, according to the Bethesda, Md.-based vendor.

company envisions the shirt being used to remotely monitor home-based
patients, first responders, hazardous materials workers and soldiers.
It also can be used to monitor signs of fatigue in truck drivers and to
support athletic training.

Field testing is planned for later this year. Parties interested in testing the technology can send an e-mail to Robert Kalik, CEO at
Sensatex, at

Pictured right is an example of sensors distributed throughout a knit shirt.