I'll be presenting at an after-conference workshop at the Healthcare Unbound Conference in Boston, July 17-18, 2006. The workshop is titled, Digital Homes and Smart Phones: Emerging Clinical and Business Models on the afternoon of the 18th. Here's a blurb from the conference brochure (pdf):

Consumer health care technologies are driving opportunities to serve patients in new ways and in new settings. Forrester Research coined the term “Healthcare Unbound” to encompass the trends toward technology-aided self-care, mobile care and home care. More specifically, Forrester describes “Healthcare Unbound” as “technology in, on and around the body that frees care from formal institutions.”

The program will focus on the use of remote monitoring, home telehealth, and pervasive computing technologies for wellness promotion and disease management.

Our Second Annual Healthcare Unbound Conference & Exhibition attracted 250+ high-level attendees. We expect an even larger turnout at this year’s event. In addition to in-depth coverage of disease management and wellness promotion applications, this year’s program will delve into legal/regulatory and reimbursement issues, payer perspectives on Healthcare Unbound and the emerging role of wireless technologies.

My portion of the workshop will apply 6 forces that impact the success or failure of innovation in health care (a topic discussed in this post) to remote monitoring business models. If you have any suggested remote monitoring business model examples - successful or not so successful - let me know.