Remember Healtheon, WebMD, the last Internet bubble? (Here are two interesting takes on the bubble, here and here.) Well Marty Wygod got his hands on WebMD, spun it up to a conglomerate that survived off old school businesses like claims processing (Envoy) and practice management (Medical Manager). WebMD became Emdeon, is losing money, and has started spinning things off - the practice management biz is the latest. According to "Internet time" this is old history; a small number of those late 1990's Internet companies have survived - Medicity, for one - and the rest either went belly up or were acquired. (Disclosure: I rode the bubble at eHealth connectivity startup, Pointshare, acquired by Siemens.)

The latest excitement is about how the Internet will transform health care yet again. Revolution Health, founded by Steve Case, to "drive transformative change," is the biggest splash so far from the $100 million recently invested. A gaggle of content startups is also entering the market, many with the expectation that consumers will pay for health care content. Good luck with that.

The Washington Post has a nice piece on the resurgent popularity of the web - at least among investors.