I came across the Pingbuzz weblog while doing some research. The site offers an interesting amalgam of posts on wireless mobile devices for health care, fitness and wellness applications. Check em out.

A recent post on Pingbuzz that caught my eye - a somewhat questionable patent application for a combo patient worn monitor and RFID (press release).

QuadTech International, Inc., an asset monitoring technology solutions company,
announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary MRID Technologies has
filed a U.S. patent application for the company's iMPak on-location human
asset monitoring technology. Short for "intelligent mobile pack," iMPak is
a wireless, two-way, data/voice communication system embedded in a 5" X 5"
X 5/8" package that allows the device to transmit location, vital sign and
other critical data immediately and effortlessly to a central control room
or handheld device.

My comment regarding the "questionable" patent app refers to the obviousness of the overall solution. The company is targeting the emergency responder market segment.

"iMPak will be ideal for individuals in high-risk occupations and can be a
life-saving tool in emergency situations," said QuadTech CEO John Meier.
"iMPak fits easily into a work vest or uniform, and is capable of reading
the wearer's heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, and even his
or her state of consciousness, as well as location -- all without any
attachments to the body."

The system uses ultra wide band technology.