The anticipated new model of the OQO computer, dubbed the 02 in a recent FCC filing appears to be moving closer to release. December 5th, 2006, both Gizmodo and Engadget had posts on the FCC filing. Gizmodo has since taken down their post (you can see the page cached on Google here, scroll down about half way).

In the FCC filing, the OQO 02 "passed on the 5GHz band (which would imply 802.11a), as well as on two
frequencies in 2.4GHz, implying 802.11b/g and Bluetooth --
unfortunately, nothing there listed for cellular frequencies
(which mean that might be left to a Model 02+ or some such thing). Oh,
and the unit will be 3.5 x 5x5-inches (although thickness is still
unknown -- compare to the current OQO at 3.4 x 4.9 x 0.9-inches)."

When I talked with my OQO contact, they would not comment on the record about the 02.

Based on the current 01+ version and what we can say about the next version, OQO has embraced a truism that still escapes most medical device vendors - that portable devices must have wireless connectivity to be useful and easy to use. Support for 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth are minimum requirements. And you can bet that the slightly larger physical size will sport even more wireless connectivity features that the current FCC filings show.

Pictured right is a diagram from the FCC filing. What's your wish list of features for the next OQO? You can see mine in the comments below.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that at the RSNA I saw the Sony UX ultra mobile PC in the Sony booth. Sony shows their video recording and printing products at RSNA and included the UX as one of a number of consumer electronics with health care potential. The Sony rep said they couldn't keep up with demand for the UX from their OEMs who are allegedly evaluating the unit for resale.

Compared to the OQO the UX is larger, has a smaller screen, and a lousy keyboard (the keys are all flush and hard to type on).