D-Link Ships Mobile Router

Another mobile router hits the market. The D-Link unit provides a WiFi hotspot by using an EV-DO network card from Verizon or Sprint.

The new DIR-450 is
designed to accept an EVDO card from carriers such as Sprint, Verizon
or Alltel. To make it work, you plug the device into a source of
12-volt power (including from an external AC power supply) and insert
the wireless data card.

Once that happens, you'll have a mobile Wi-Fi network.
A second version, the DIR-451, due out later this quarter, will support
UMTS and HSDPA devices from Cingular, T-Mobile and others. The DIR-451
is designed to work globally.

The DIR-450 and DIR-451 will also work as a wired router
if a wireless data card is not inserted. The router includes a 4-port
full duplex 10/100 switch to support wired Ethernet devices in addition
to Wi-Fi devices.

You can read about other mobile routers here, here, and here.


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