Mobile computing and RFID vendor InfoLogix acquired AMT Systems for an undisclosed sum. (Press release)

“With 15 years of continued research and development, we’ve grown our
healthcare mobility and RFID solutions into a multi-million dollar
business,” says Todd Stewart, Vice President of Business Development at
AMTSystems. “InfoLogix’s market penetration and breadth of services
will enable these cutting-edge solutions to reach a wider market,
starting with their existing base of 1,100 healthcare customers.”
Stewart will be joining InfoLogix as Director of Healthcare Technology

The acquisition also includes an FDA approved technology
which uses RFID to prevent “wrong site / wrong procedure” surgeries; a
patent-pending, paperless RFID-based chain of custody drug testing
system; and a medication management solution for long term care and
assisted living facilities.

AMT Systems has a hospital customer base of about 400 hospitals.