Qualcomm released a new 3G chip that supports both EV-DO (Verizon and Sprint) and HSDPA (AT&T and T-Mobile). This will result in radio cards that will run on either technology and provide the greatest choice in selecting carriers.

The chips are apparently targeting laptops and should appear in new laptops by the second quarter of 2008.

The latest technology to join the 3G alliance is WiMax, which the Qualcomm chip (called Gobi) does not support. In the US, Sprint is the first carrier to announce plans to deploy a nation-wide WiMax wireless network.

Pictured right is Qualcomm's QSC6240 chip with integrated radio
transceiver, baseband modem and multimedia processor - together with
power management functionality into a single chip for WCDMA (UMTS)
and HSDPA handsets.