Health care reimbursement, advancing technologies and changing patient demographics continue to drive the need for change in today's health care delivery system. Success is measured in both patient outcomes and financial performance. These trends are driving increased pressures to:

  • Improve workflow and operational productivity
  • Demonstrate continued improvements in patient safety
  • Conform to new regulatory requirements such as HIPAA
  • Make prudent capital investments that produce meaningful benefits

Electronic medical record (EMR) and PACS adoption create opportunities and challenges that ripple throughout an organization, impacting:

  • Hospital-wide patient flow
  • Departmental workflows
  • Workflow and communications at the point of care

Medical Connectivity Consulting helps clients improve workflow through needs assessment, analysis and implementation of tailored solutions. Areas of practice include:

  • Patient flow optimization
  • Departmental workflow optimization (especially Cardiology, ER, ICU)
  • Creation of variable acuity nursing units
  • Medical device integration into EMRs
  • Planning and deployment "connected" medical devices (like "smart" IV pumps, house-wide monitoring)
  • Caregiver workflow automation at the point-of-care

A proprietary process consisting of surveys, models and analysis tools is used to identify bottlenecks and utilization patterns, and develop solutions that meet the unique client needs. Resulting recommendations can include adoption of technology, new patient care models, and process reengineering. Engagements are typically done in two phases, the Strategic Plan and Vendor Selection. A typical engagement includes the following phases:

Strategic Plan Vendor Qualification
Needs Assessment Strategic Plan Review
On-site Interviews System Specifications
Workflow Analysis Definition of Required Services
Proposed Solution(s) RFI Preparation and Report
Phased Implementation Plan RFP Preparation and Report
Business Case Site Visit Preparation
Final Report Presentation Vendor Selection and Negotiations

Tim Gee, Principal of Medical Connectivity Consulting has over 20 years experience in hospital workflow automation with software and medical device vendors. Tim brings a deep understanding of hospital dynamics and required technologies to overcome today's challenges.

Workflows Technologies
Point-of-Care Departmental Information Systems
ICU and Telemetry Patient Flow Software Applications
Variable Acuity Nursing Units Patient and Asset Tracking (RFID)
General Nursing Units Wireless Medical Devices
High Dependency Nursing Units Wireless/VoIP Phones
Emergency Department Alarm Notification and Management
Diagnostic Cardiology Nurse Call Systems
Other Diagnostic Departments WLAN, WAN and LAN Infrastructures