After breaking the 10 year mark for this site last month, it's more than time for a major rework. Besides a visual refresh, we're upping our digital marketing game with more and different kinds of content, and better engagement with site visitors.

The blogging experience has been an extremely rewarding one -- professionally and personally. It's always a thrill to meet readers of the blog in person at events, or online. The blog was launched running on the Radio Userland content management system and moved several years ago to WordPress. This current change will mark just the forth time advances in web site design and content management system technology has driven change on the site. Besides a state-of-the-art WordPress theme and plugins, various SaaS solutions will be added to the mix.

These current changes are intended to provide more content and value to site visitors, and generate business for those contributing to the site.

Thanks for visiting and come back often!

Tim Gee, Connectologist