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Day: October 18, 2005

Cisco's Medical Grade Network Provides New Connectivity

On October 11th, Cisco broadcast a live webinar to introduce their Clinical Connection Suite (press release). Of course Cisco makes the same network boxes for health care as they do for every other vertical market, but they create a vertical market spin with alliances, marketing and distribution. Cisco has done a service to the industry by highlighting solutions to important problems in health care and growing the overall connectivity market. The Clinical Connection Suite is made up of four components:   Nurse Call: enables real-time alerts, such as patient or caregiver locations, to engage in direct communications with their patients and mobile colleagues. No longer do clinicians have to be contacted on overhead paging systems or dedicated pagers; instead, they can now use wired or wireless devices, including Cisco IP phones, to access Nurse Call Systems such as Rauland-Borg and middleware from Emergin. Patient Monitoring: provides nurses with mobile real-time alerts and patient status by delivering demographic data and key patient information via text and wave form transmission to any wired or wireless IP device. With the realities of healthcare as a wireless profession, caregivers cannot be tethered to nursing stations or remain in the same clinical area for any length of time. Enabled by Cisco communications capabilities connecting patient monitoring devices from leading monitoring device manufacturers, Patient Monitoring enables clinicians to deliver faster customer response. Location-Based Services: improves...

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Grand Rounds 2:4

The blog Diabetes Mine is hosting Grand Rounds today. This week's installment is nicely categorized by topic (IT, Radiology, CCU, Admin & Policy, etc.).  Check it...

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