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Biomed Listserv Is Moving

Mike Kauffman's labor of love, the Biomed Listserv has moved. Once hosted by AOL, Mike's snapped up an Internet domain ( and is adding some new features to extend the email listserv. If you're already...

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Site Update

I arrived in San Francisco last night (July 15) for the Healthcare Unbound conference. The event's at the airport Marriott, which was a nice short shuttle bus ride away. We were dropped off at what appeared to be the rear...

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New Blogs to Check Out

I have encouraged many people whose insights and opinions I value to start their own blog. As easy as blogging is, it seems to take a certain kind of person who really likes to do it. Recently two new blogs have hit the...

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This Site is Back Up

Last Friday morning, sometime after 3:30am, my hosting service moved this site to a different DNS (domain name servers that associate URLs with IP addresses). They fumbled the transfer, resulting in none of the other DNS on the...

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HIMSS Sunday

I made it - a lot of people didn't (or came in really late). Sadly, my bag didn't make it. It's midnight and they still haven't delivered it yet.Picking up my registration packet, I ran into Neil Versel and...

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