I arrived in San Francisco last night (July 15) for the Healthcare Unbound conference. The event's at the airport Marriott, which was a nice short shuttle bus ride away. We were dropped off at what appeared to be the rear entrance and were directed to an office in a trailer. Inside was the front desk (pictured right). There was only room for about 3 guests inside, the rest of us waited in line outside - it's San Francisco in July so it was only in the high 50s.

It turns out that the hotel's lobby was demolished a couple days before on July 14. Reportedly, they've been renovating the hotel for some time and the last area to go is the lobby. I can only imagine the surprise the organizers of the Healthcare Unbound conference experienced when they arrived!

In any event, it's all part of the adventure. Speaking of adventure, I spent most of last week recovering from a crashed hard drive and while trying to finish up a client project. What fun. Between back ups and disc recovery, I'm back up to speed. Anyway, I thought I'd explain the almost nonexistent posting last week - it's not like I planned to leave the post on Cisco up top for a full week.

UPDATE: My life has been cursed the last few weeks. I've gone almost 20 years without a hard drive failure - or computer failure of any kind (virus, physical damage, theft, etc.). I guess it's all catching up with me.

After restoring my files (at least most of them) on my laptop, I started writing posts to this blog. The posts were published via the RSS feed, but never went up on the actual web site. Then they disappeared from my blog software! While I restored my software (Userland Radio) properly, I learned after the fact that I needed to get a serial number from the vendor to restore full functionality. So, that's done and I hope all these technical issues are behind me.