The Medical Connectivity Story

Medical Connectivity Consulting was founded in 2004. Before 2004 we spent a combined 9 years working for providers and 30 years working for medical device and software companies. Since 2004 we have worked for many manufacturers and health care providers. A partial list of clients is available here.

The company focus is on the point of care, in all settings. Workflow is the overriding theme. The objectives are patient safety, productivity, patient and staff satisfaction. Technologies include point of care medical device systems and enabling technologies like RTLS, health care messaging systems, nurse call, patient flow apps, data aggregation, and analytics. We provide services to both providers and manufacturers, which gives us better perspective and insight into each segment.

Consulting services are based on knowledge and process as a way to gain insight for clients. Many large firms, especially those with many newly minted MBA graduates, focus on process as the chief means to gain knowledge and insight. We bring to bear our deep and extensive health care experience to consulting projects, and are mostly process agnostic. We have numerous process methodologies and tools we use, or we can use your preferred process and tools.

As consultants, we provide:

  • Top-of-mind knowledge — things we already know about your area of interest, that we can quickly provide
  • Discovery, analysis and insight — applying our deep knowledge combined with what we learn about your situation to a particular need, like regulatory strategy, market opportunity assessment, needs assessment or vendor selection
  • Facilitation — group communications and consensus building is often required before business issues can be resolved; business and product strategy, needs assessment and the formulation of solutions are all areas where we can help with facilitation
Tim Gee

Tim Gee


Tim started in health care in the mid 1980s, with software startup Trinity Computing Systems. Trinity was a pioneer in medical device connectivity and applications developed on networked PCs - starting with the Apple II and then the IBM PC. Over the years Tim has worked for a variety of health care IT and medical device companies, mostly in medical device connectivity. In 2004 he started Medical Connectivity Consulting. Since then, he's completed many projects, large and small, for both hardware and software manufacturers and provider organizations.

As most medical device workflow occurs at the point of care, Tim's focus includes technologies like real time location systems (RTLS), alarm notification, unified communications, point of care computing devices, nurse call systems, medical device data systems, application software development, networking, and connectivity enablement for a wide range of medical devices. As workflow automation has reached ever closer to the point of care, Tim has grown increasingly involved in regulatory strategy and Biomed/IT hospital governance issues.

Tim is also affiliated with the Guidepoint Global Advisors, and Kingfish Group. You can download his curriculum vitae here (pdf). You may also review his past publications and speaking engagements.

Patricia Landers Gee

Patricia Landers Gee


Another health care lifer, Patricia began in diagnostic ultrasound in 1979, working in academic institutions, VA, county and university hospitals, collecting images and data for investigational studies across critical care, emergency, surgery, burn units and even the morgue.  Her exposure to patients with a breadth of conditions, working with nurses and physicians delivering leading edge of patient care, and trying new techniques and devices lead her to cultivate a deep appreciation for a systematic approach using process and quality improvement techniques.

After joining industry and working for several of the largest medical device companies, Patricia worked in product development and marketing for world-wide products. Her product development experience focused on eliciting product requirements, and specifying analysis packages for obstetrics, cardiology, vascular studies and general imaging. Her efforts also included industrial design, human factors and specifying user interfaces with efficient workflow.  She has experience with various product development processes using both waterfall and Agile design methods.   She has certificates as a Business Analyst and Scrum Master, and is studying for her 6 Sigma green belt.

Regulatory affairs was an important part of both her product development and marketing experience, meeting Quality System requirements pre and post market, preparing artifacts for submissions, managing shipholds and even working for one company under an FDA consent decree. 

Go-to-market is Patricia's third major domain of expertise. From product marketing to product line and company marketing plans and product launches, Patricia has served as an individual contributor and as the manager running marketing departments with North American and world-wide responsibilities. 


Tim recently provided Ascom with a comprehensive "Point of Care" market opportunity and competitive assessment for our company to analyze the market for growth opportunities. We chose Tim over larger consulting companies due to his deep understanding of the hospital market when compared to larger more conventional market analysis companies. I have known Tim for over 7 year and have hired him on several occasions. I always get quality work for a reasonable price. He also delivers what he promises and always takes the time to provide a detailed explanation of his findings as well as answering all of our questions. I would highly recommend Tim and will surely use him again for future studies.

Tom McKearney

SVP Solutions & Service, Ascom Wireless Solutions

I hired Tim to perform a technology workflow analysis in a new market segment for ICU Medical for a completely new technology we were bringing to market. Having worked with Tim at Welch Allyn, he was the first person I thought of when the project was defined. We could not have been happier with the results. The analysis was in-depth, insightful, on time and on budget. We still refer to it today, even after successfully launching the product. I would recommend Tim without reservation.

Tom McCall

Corporate Vice President & General Manager , ICU Medical

Tim has proven to be a valuable asset to our early stage business by contributing vast knowledge surrounding nursing work flow and helping us more clearly identify gaps to accurately optimize various capabilities of our technology. Tim’s experience level, knowledge of current trends, technologies and healthcare customer needs has had a positive impact on our strategic plan.

Mark Smith

VP Sales & Marketing, Leaf Healthcare

I knew of Tim as an expert and thought-leader in the area of "medical connectivity" before truly engaging with him. Tim has been a well known luminary in the field of device connectivity and system connectivity ever since I entered this space. Our first project with Tim dealt with the market landscape for secondary/remote alarm notification - and (as expected) provided great insights and value for us. Other conversations and interactions followed, and I always learn something new when speaking with Tim.

Dr. Gunnar Trommer

Partner & Managing Director, Digital Health, BCG Digital Ventures

Contributing Authors

Over the years we have been privileged to have a number of expert contributors. If you are interested in contributing, and think you might be a fit, you can reach us through the contact page.

William A. Hyman ScD, PE

William A. Hyman ScD, PE

Professor Emeritus, Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M University

Professor Hyman's contributions focus on patient safety, regulatory affairs and system usability. Current contributor.

Bridget Moorman

Bridget Moorman

President, BMoorman Consulting, LLC

Bridget's focus is mHealth, with an emphasis on the work she's done in Europe. Current contributor.

Peter Kelley

Peter Kelley

CEO, InsomniSolv

Peter's contribution's explored regulatory affairs as it applies to emerging technologies and patient safety. Past contributor.

Brian McAlpine

Brian McAlpine

VP Strategy & Business Development, Bernoulli Health

Market trends and emerging requirements for medical device connectivity and enabling technologies are the focus of Brian's writing. Past contributor.

John Zaleski Ph.D., CAP, CPHIMS

John Zaleski Ph.D., CAP, CPHIMS

Chief Analytics and Informatics Officer, Bernoulli Health

John's contributions deal with technology, open source software and the potential clinical benefits of the interoperability of medical device and information systems. Past contributor.

Chris Bolinger

Chris Bolinger

Director Product Management, Laird Technologies

Chris contributed posts about WiFi radios and the wireless enablement of medical devices. Past contributor.