Outpatient surgery centers are an increasingly important market for vendors, with sales increasing 24.3% from 2001 to 2003. The Health Industry Distributors Association has published a new report on the topic:

“Since 2000, analysts report the number of surgery centers has grown
more than 9 percent each year compared to nearly zero growth for
inpatient hospitals,” said Adam Korengold, HIDA’s Director of Research.

As Americans age, the volume of surgery center procedures is expected
to jump from 14 percent of current levels to 47 percent by the year
2020, states HIDA’s 2006-2007 Ambulatory Surgery Center Market Report.

Surgery centers, where patients generally undergo a procedure and are
released within 24 hours, offer a number of treatments including
cataract removal and colonoscopies.

HIDA’s 2006-2007 market report includes the top distributed products
for these facilities plus national healthcare and Medicare spending
data in ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

The report also provides a look at the landscape for the developing ASC
market, which accounted for about $11.2 billion of U.S. healthcare
spending in recent years.

“A number of trends are emerging with these centers as healthcare in
the United States evolves,” said Korengold. “Among these trends is a
new emphasis on private funding of surgery centers and the
consolidation of surgery center chains.”

HIDA reports are usually reasonably priced, and of modest length and detail. Here are some more juicy details from the report.

Expenditures with ASCs were $10.0 billion in 2003, which is 0.6% of
total healthcare expenditures. Medicare reimbursements to ASCs last
year totaled $2.9 billion, or 0.9% of the total $276.9 billion in
Medicare reimbursements in 2003. Self-payers and private insurance
payments to ASCs were $7.1 billion in 2003. The top five public chains
account for over 20% of total ASC revenues, despite having interest in
12.8% of total ASC facilities.