I have encouraged many people whose insights and opinions I value to start their own blog. As easy as blogging is, it seems to take a certain kind of person who really likes to do it. Recently two new blogs have hit the Internet, John Zaleski's MedicInfoTech blog, and Vince Kuraitis' e-CareManagement blog.

John Zaleski is a long time connectologist working in the health care IT division at one of the "big three" medical device vendors. Just reviewing the patent work that he's done is impressive. My expectations are high for John's new blog - I know he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

The other new blog is from one of the God Fathers of telehealth. Vince Kuraitis has been publishing a news letter for some time, but just switched to blogging. Of his recent posts, I really liked this one: Five Lingering Questions Holding Back Remote Patient Monitoring Adoption. Any vendor thinking about entering (or staying) the remote monitoring market should read this sobering post.

I'll be adding both these blogs to my blogroll in the right hand column. Be sure to visit them often.