In December Philips announced receiving the business for automating the cath labs at LA County Harbor at UCLA and LA County Olive View Medical Centers. The deal comes with winning outfitting two new cath labs at each hospital with Philips latest cath lab x-ray gear. The deal appears to be for a single modality cardiology PACS, rather than a full multi modality CVIS.

"In our mind, Philips offers the best overall product and capabilities
to allow the two hospitals to network. I believe that for the broad
networking we have planned, a single vendor is the way to go", says Dr.
William French, Medical Director of the cath lab at LA County Harbor,
UCLA. "As a cardiologist, it makes my job easier to partner with
Philips so they can provide the network integration into the hospital


Provided at least some of the cardiologists practice at both hospitals, a common solution for both hospitals makes sense. The "single vendor" benefit here is more in only learning one workstation user interface, since DICOM makes images interoperable between systems from different vendors - which appears to be how Philips will do the integration:

[...] both
hospitals will be able to perform 'Query/Retrieve' orders of studies
done at either hospital, facilitating better collaboration and patient
transfer between the two hospitals.

All compelling reasons for their decision; that and because Philips probably threw in the cath lab PACS for free to get the x-ray business.