Nanoradio AB is a new Swedish semiconductor supplier founded
in March 2004. They just announced a very low power 20 mm square Wi-Fi chip supporting 802.11b/g. Their target is the cellular handset and consumer
electronics market, but this might make a nice chip for a medical device component radio.

The NRX700 is a two chip solution comprising a SiGe
RF transceiver chip NRX510, with on chip RF PA and a CMOS baseband-MAC
chip NRX701, with onchip power management. NRX700 chipset is available
both as bumped die, NRX510 and NRX701, and in a system in package
solution (SiP) NRG720 including RF filters, baluns and antenna switch.
The power consumption for the NRX700 chipset is at +18 dBm RF output
only 130mA, during receive mode 53 mA and in standby 0,05mA. For module
manufacturers the NRX700 chipset offers a $1.50-$2.00 USD cost advantage in
the BOM [bill of materials] as well as reducing total footprint compared to any one chip
CMOS solution due to the integration of RF PA and power management into
the chipset and the overall small die size.

They are a “fabless” company where all
manufacturing is outsourced. Nanoradio focuses product design on
current consumption, physical size, and total cost.
Nanoradio has a team of 50 people with extensive experience from the cellular and wireless industry as well as semiconductor industry and start-ups. Nanoradio’s unique low power WLAN chipset makes high speed wireless access possible in portable electronics