Health and wellness vendor FitSense, has announced the release of their Universal BodyLAN (the UBM), a personal area network supporting wireless sensor communications with gateways and medical devices. You can find some technical BodyLAN info here.

The UBM is a low-cost, ultra low-power wireless chipset that is orders
of magnitude less power than Bluetooth and Zigbee. The UBM can be
easily integrated into devices such as blood glucose meters, weight
scales and activity monitors where they become a node in the
ActiHealth(TM) end to end data network. These ActiHealth Activated
devices automatically move their biometric data securely and in
compliance with HIPAA, while lasting for one to two years on as little
as a single coin cell battery.

The BodyLAN wireless radio
protocol is proven technology with hundreds of thousands of systems
deployed, including its use under license by brand names in the
consumer sports, fitness and entertainment markets. The BodyLAN was
architected with the user experience in mind," said Tom Quinlan, CTO of
FitSense(TM). "You just can't ask users to push buttons, fumble with
cables or replace batteries all the time. This breaks down the
healthcare continuum." "ActiHealth is like an E-Z Pass system,"
continues Quinlan. "When a UBM enabled device comes in proximity of an
ActiHealth Gateway (PC, cell phone, dial-up modem) in the home, at the
office or on the go the data moves automatically, traveling securely
via the Internet to our database for retrieval by the web-based
applications used in health & wellness programs."

There are a number of interesting personal area networks/radios on the market, all with different performance profiles and varying scope of their solution. FitSense's UBM (an unfortunate choice of acronyms) is one of the most mature and complete solutions. Now if they would just put some cool technology photos on their web site - pictured right is the best I could get.