I've been receiving an increasing number of queries looking for job candidates. These are naturally medical device connectivity related positions, and in response I've decided to start posting brief job descriptions. These are not advertisements, and I don't receive any remuneration for listing them.

If you are the hiring manager or HR contact shoot me an email with a basic job description. If you're a recruiter, I'd be glad to post your position, but only if you give me an opportunity to talk to the hiring manager. (I'm not just doing this for fun, and I may be able to help your client.)

To maintain a modicum of discretion, I will not mention the hiring company - so don't ask. If you're interested, I will be glad to forward your email on to the person who sent me the original query.

So here's our first connectologist help wanted listing:

This is a mid level product management position with a point of care diagnostics company. Responsibilities include point of care devices, related information system and connectivity. The position is international in scope with an emphasis on product development (i.e., you'll be working on new products more than babysitting released products).

If you're interested drop me a line.