The HISTalk site has posted a report from TEPR submitted by an anonymous CIO. There's not any hard news, but if you've never been to TEPR, you can certainly get a feel for the conference.

Matthew Holt of The Healthcare Blog has some posts from TEPR as well.

If any readers have just come back from the AAMI meeting in Tampa and would like to post a report of that event, shoot me an email.

UPDATE: HISTalk now has "day two" of TEPR here.  Ed, the nome de plume of the CIO who sent in the report, comments that the show is a small one. True, compared to HIMSS, TEPR is considerably smaller -- I think due to a much narrower focus. The first TEPR I attended was in NYC in the mid to late 80's, and the entire meeting was held in a ballroom.

Ed also comments on the need to better screen presentations.

You hear this glorious presentation and just as you are about to be convinced as to the validity of a particular product or process, you dig a bit deeper and you find out the system has been only recently installed or installed with minimal users. For instance, SeeBeyond co-presented with an IT Manager from a large physician group about the success of their integration efforts. The physician group is very large and prestigious so you take notice. Then when you do the deep dive, it turns out the group just went Live a few months ago and it only includes two small practices. That is hardly enough evidence to substantiate a presentation at this time. I think conference administrators should make sure that any case studies be based on a post implementation Live period of at least one year.

UPDATE: Two more good TEPR updates, courtesy of Neil Versel who writes the ClinicalIT Blog and Health-IT World.