The wearable computer company, founded in 1990, has filed for bankruptcy protection. Xybernaut
developed tiny computers with the power of desktop PCs that you can
carry around
on your belt and operate by voice control or a wrist-mounted keypad.
Sadly, they never really got any market traction. This write up on Motley Fool (registration required) sounds like an echo of the dot com bust. The founders were squeezed out in April after the feds started an investigation, and a shareholder lawsuit was filed in May.

What's this got to do with health care? Intellectual property. Wireless
sensors, gateways and miniaturized computing devices for caregivers
might all run up against Xybernaut's 166 global patents. And Xypernaut has another 600 patents awaiting approval.

Having burned through $160 million in shareholder wealth, its stock
falling from $30 per share to pennies, someone might pick up some
important IP on the cheap.

[Hat tip Wireless Healthcare]