The University of Chicago Hospitals and Health Systems is going to install the InnerWireless wireless infrastructure in their adult acute care hospital the Bernard A. Mitchell Hospital. You may recall that last year the University of Chicago installed InnerWireless in their new Comer Children's Hospital. Extending the infrastructure to an existing hospital seems a real commitment to the technology (more here and here).

“After seeing how
well InnerWireless performed in our pediatric hospital, we decided that the
wireless utility infrastructure was the best way to deliver wireless service
capabilities to caregivers throughout our healthcare system,” Yablonka said.
“In addition to the children’s hospital and our adult inpatient facility, we
plan to deploy the Wireless Utility at our outpatient care facility, the Duchossois Center for Advanced
Medicine. Having one unified wireless distribution platform is the answer for
The University of Chicago Hospitals and Health

This is a great example of the trend to take fragmented point solutions and through the application of new technology, create an enterprise solution that is more reliable, has a lower cost of ownership (TCO) and is easier to manage. We'll be seeing this trend in other medical market segments in the future.