The emergency nursing team at Christianna Care Health System received the above award for their implementation and utilization of PTCS' Amelior EDTracker emergency department information system.

In 2004, the emergency nursing team at Christiana Care, led by
Laskowski-Jones, managed the planning, implementation and execution of
the Amelior EDTracker automatic tracking system for their emergency
department. The system was implemented to improve patient flow by
automatically communicating the location and care status of patients in
real time. The implementation required training an emergency department
staff of over 200 people and integrating automatic tracking badges for
the 94,500 patient visits treated in their emergency department

Since implementing the system, the emergency
department has been able to track 100% of patients, decrease average
length of stay by 20-45 minutes and reduce patient walkouts by 24% due
to faster response times. During the first flu season using automatic
tracking, patient turnaround time decreased 5% despite an 8% increase
in patient volume.