Ultra-wideband (UWB) RFID vendor Ubisense has closed a round of funding, raising $3 million.

This financing was supported by existing Ubisense shareholders,
Cambridge Angels and Cambridge Capital Group. Ubisense plans to
increase its investments in product development, and sales and
marketing initiatives to expand its ability to meet the precise
location tracking needs of companies worldwide. Over the past two
quarters, Ubisense has announced several strategic business moves to
support its growth: a merger with Ten Sails (a location technology
consulting firm), and the introduction of a seven-member board of

Like most RFID or RTLS vendors, Ubisense provides tags, readers and software. They target health care as do most of their competitors. Like the other UWB RFID vendor Parco, Ubisense provides great accuracy - down to 12 inches. They've got a good explanation on UWB tech here.

Pictured right is Ubisense's UWB receiver.