Health care guru and blogger Matthew Holt reports on Esther Dyson's comments at the CDHCC conference.

I asked her what VCs should be investing in. She suggested
management of the chronically ill, such as compliance reminders, and
products for women and family aimed at pregnant women and those with

Given that she’s spending a lot of time holding conferences on
personal health records, Esther was asked about her vision for
them….but more interesting was who was going to win. She said health
plans were not trusted. We need something like banking system. She
thinks that employers might be the driver of this. They're well
positioned to be the key. In the end its the consumer who has access,
they'll assign permission to providers and insurers to access that
record. Each patient will have broad records, that will cut out lots of
inefficiency, and pay up quicker. Then add data for researchers which
will improve health care, even without changes in legislation.

Even with the scarcity of reimbursement, I think management of the chronically ill is a better bet than personal health records.